Microfinance In the Modern World: Impact of FinTech in the Industry

Date: Tuesday, 15th November, 6pm-7pm
Location: 32L.G.20 (LSE)
Guest Speaker: Diana Biggs, CEO and Founder of Proof of Purpose

Thank you everyone who shower their passion and interest towards Mircrofinance and Fintech by attending the event!

Of course we are also grateful that our speaker, Diana Biggs, came to the event to speak for us about the Mircrofinance and Fintech industry in general and her entrepreneurial life.

She started off the discussion by explaining the objective of the Microfinance industry and how the rising infant industry of Fintech can help to raise awareness of such industry. After that, she focused on the topic of electronic currency cloud system that can reduce the financial inequality around the world. She continued on the discussion on how to make financial industries to be more available to people living in developing countries. She then introduced few different sites where people like us can invest or donate small or large sum of money on entrepreneurs whom need capitals and funds to start up their own business in the developing countries with low rate of interest. To end the discussion, she told her hardships of entrepreneurial journey and answered any questions about her life in Microfinance & Fintech industry. 

It was a pleasure to organise the event where LSE student bodies could ask the speaker freely about the questions that they had before or after the discussion. Hope to see everyone again at our upcoming event!